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Artist research residency in Morocco

April 20 - May 17 / 2017

MAM is a research residency and a gathering of multi-disciplinary artists from the Arab region and the rest of the world in Morocco.

This year’s theme is Science Fiction and time-based art.

Five selected artists from the Arab region and five international artists will work, experiment and live together for a period of four weeks.

MAM - Maroc Artist Meeting is an encounter and residency program open to professional artists. This program is for those seeking to engage with their cultural environments, living realities, arts and their artistic practice in a critical way.

MAM seeks highly motivated artists who are comfortable living in a collective and are able to work autonomously and within a group setting.

Any multidiscilpinary artists are welcome to apply for the residency program.

MAM - Maroc Artist Meeting 2017 runs from April 20 to May 17.

Part time participation is not possible.

MAM17 takes place in Morrocco, one week in the desert, and 3 weeks in the heart of the old city of Marrakech, where we will live and work as a temporary collective.